Tell the Story Challenge

Reading this hurt. I guess stories like this always will. “I want my Daddy!!!” just broke my heart.

There is so much I want to say about this beautifully written post, but I do not want to take away from what you, dear reader, will feel when you read it!

So go now. Read.

♡Heart Tokens♡

I was nominated by Amy for the Tell the Story Challenge created by The Eclectic Contrarian

There were 2 pics she gave, and I chose the one that spoke to me the most. Sorry, Amy, that it has taken me this long to get to the challenge! I ❤️ doing these stories!

Here are the Rules:

Pic an image given to you, write whatever comes to you. Short, long, funny, sad….a tribute to someone, a poem, a song. Then choose some images and some nominees and keep the ball rolling.


My dearest friend,

I‘m so so devastated right now! I feel so disgustingly ugly!!! And I know you’re the only one who will understand how I’m feeling! I MUST BE, right??? Or my husband would never have left us in the first place! I’m crying as I write this to you! How could I feel useless…

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3 thoughts on “Tell the Story Challenge”

  1. Stu, there are so many stories out there like this, both sides, that need to be told!….God has a plan for both wife and husband. Your reblogging this has gave me a confirmation of what God has been dealing with me this whole week about…Thank you for this! I have been working on Part 2, a continuation of this story. The story of Hephzibah just won’t let me be! So I pray that God is speaking to someone and dealing with their heart, as only God can any of us! The post you made about Love was so deep. I’ve been thinking about reblogging it, as well. Someone needs to hear that they are loved, no matter what they are going through. God Bless you brother! And thanks again.

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    1. You’re right…there are many stories like this one. I’ve heard a lot of them and they ALL have made me cry. I was one side of the coin and hearing the other side just kills me. We men, in our selfishness, really do not understand the damage we inflict upon others by our porn usage. Many women have reached out to me with their stories asking how to make their husband/lover stop.
      And sadly until a person wants to stop.. they won’t.
      I can’t wait to read part two of this. I’ll include both of them in my post picks for the month of May.
      I’m honored you like that post.
      God bless you too sis!

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  2. I hope you can help the people who are reaching out to you about this. It’s so very true. Any addiction is hard to quit without God’s help, and in some cases also professional help. It’s sad to be on either side of the coin.

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