Let The Word Of Christ Dwell In You Richly

I remember going to Sunday School as a child. I also remember singing those songs, listening to the stories of Bible characters, and trying to memorize Bible verses. Those first verses I memorized are the ones that have stayed with me over the years. You know, the ones like John 3:16, 1 John 1:9, Romans… Continue reading Let The Word Of Christ Dwell In You Richly


Being Tempted Is Not A Sin

You know, one of the hardest things for any addict is the temptational pull to return to familiarity. One of the things I struggled with while quitting porn was the temptation to watch, even knowing how bad it was for me both physically and mentally. I always felt like I was sinning by wanting to… Continue reading Being Tempted Is Not A Sin

Tag-Teaming The Enemy

Imagine this...four guys...one ring...two on a team with one starting the match for each side. The bell rings and there they go, circling each other, sizing their opponent up and then wham!...physical contact to inflict pain..to inflict damage. This pain and damage is meant to make their opponent surrender the match while the whole time… Continue reading Tag-Teaming The Enemy

For Out Of The Hearts Of Man Comes What Is Sown

I think everyone understands the concept of sowing and reaping. What you plant is what comes up in due season. If you have a garden and plant seeds of corn..well, corn will come up from the seed not okra. If you plant an apple tree in your yard it will not bear an orange, but… Continue reading For Out Of The Hearts Of Man Comes What Is Sown

God, How Can I Apply What I Just Read In Your Word To My Life?

How do you read your Bible? Are you one of those who just let that Bible set on a night stand and only read the words Holy Bible on the cover? Are you one of those only on Sunday readers? You know the ones. Those who take their Bible to church with them, opens it… Continue reading God, How Can I Apply What I Just Read In Your Word To My Life?

The Impossible Is Possible

All those struggles you have been trying to overcome on your own...give them to God. He alone has the answers to your questions. He alone will give you the direction to overcome.  God forgives, redeems and restores! It does not matter if it is smoking, porn, gambling, stealing, drinking, or any other sin. All you… Continue reading The Impossible Is Possible

The Word Of God Is Alive!