Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Seventy Times Seven My dear friend Amy wrote a beautiful poem the other day entitled Jesus Said... that reminded me of another Whiteheart classic. And then it made me wonder...what did Jesus mean. Is it just 490 times that we are to forgive for an offense against us? Here's what I think. Jesus always took thinks further… Continue reading Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Seventy Times Seven

Friday’s Love Song: Whiteheart |Unchain The first time I heard this song I loved it! How can one not love it? It is after all talking about love. And for years I prayed for someone who would come along and unchain me from poverty of feeling...well...unwanted. My ex-wife did for a while and then chained me to the comparison… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Whiteheart |Unchain

Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Don’t Wait For The Movie Ok, I'm one of those people that usually finds one song on an album I own or have owned that I can't stand. It doesn't matter if the lyrical content is off the chain because the music stinks...or vice versa. Don't know why honestly but there seems to be always one song I just… Continue reading Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Don’t Wait For The Movie