Saturday’s Random Music: WASP | Godless Run A modern story of the prodigal? I know for the longest I didn't run to God but once I did I knelt at the cross and allowed Jesus' blood to wash me clean. Now I will never run from him!

Wednesday’s Life Song: WASP | Miss You I was thinking about this song just the other day. And then a gentleman commented how he lost his wife in a car wreck. His comment touched me more than most of the others. This is life. We all miss someone dear to us whether it be a lost loved one or the loss… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: WASP | Miss You

Friday’s Love Song: W.A.S.P. | Breathe

Warning: This song is very sexual and sensual! I heard this song for the first time after Angie & I called off our relationship. The sensual side of the song got me in the chorus, because I loved to walk up behind her, put my head to her neck and just breathe her scent… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: W.A.S.P. | Breathe

Sunday Music : W.A.S.P. | Miss You This song goes out to anyone who has ever lost someone. There are many types of losses... The wayward child who never returns... The abandonment of a parent... The loss of a brother or sister who passed away... The loss of a parent or grandparent... The loss of a child... The loss of a… Continue reading Sunday Music : W.A.S.P. | Miss You