Living Lust Free: Accountability

Here is the devotional: From the beginning of my more than thirty years in counseling men who are trying to overcome lust, I have used this tip because it gives men the highest likelihood of becoming lust-free: Make a phone call. This principle has two applications. The first application is to call another man every… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Accountability

Living Lust Free: Pray For Them

Here is the devotional: When you pray for someone, you automatically make them a person. They stop being the object you have spent time lusting after. I had the opportunity to be interviewed for a radio show not too long ago. The show was about a man that worked at a local college, and how… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Pray For Them

Living Lust Free: Fighting Lust In The Moment

Here is the devotional: The battle of lust is in the moment. The minute you choose to objectify a daughter of God, you may become tempted to use reflexive reactions of minimization or denial in order to protect lustful behaviors.It is critical to create a new reflex for the times you find yourself “in the… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Fighting Lust In The Moment

Living Lust Free: Lust Is A Choice

Here is the devotional: Is lust a choice or an excuse to be a “bad boy” and not take responsibility? I believe all behavior is a choice. One of the primary distinctions of our creation in God’s image is that we all have a will. We are permitted to use our will how we wish,… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Lust Is A Choice

Freedom: Sets You Free Indeed

Here is the devotional: Face it...we have trust issues. That may be a valid point when it comes to trusting other people. But Trusting God is on a whole different level because God is entirely trustworthy. When God says he's going to do something, you can trust that he will. When God says you are… Continue reading Freedom: Sets You Free Indeed