Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Messiah Prophet Band | The Friend Released the year I graduated high school...1986. I can not tell you how many cassette tapes I wore out playing Messiah Prophet's Master of the Metal. This was concert road trip music along with Stryper, Barren Cross, Bride and Rez Band. Ahhh....the good ole days!

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Bryan Duncan | I’ll Not Forget You Bryan has always been a favorite for me. I have enjoyed him from way back with Sweet Comfort Band to now. His voice just soothes.

Thursday’s 80′ & 90’s Music: Steve Camp | What Would The Devil Say I'll let you all in on a secret. Besides the Stryper albums Fire & Ice by Steve Camp is my favorite Christian album of the 80's. I had the privilege of seeing Steve live at Louisiana College. His honesty on stage touched me. Especially when he said a cuss word on stage and then… Continue reading Thursday’s 80′ & 90’s Music: Steve Camp | What Would The Devil Say

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Impellitteri | Father Forgive Them One of my top 5 Christian Rock songs of all time! 😊👊

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Mastedon | Holiest One I just love the whole album but this stands out