The Alphabet Post Challenge

What started off as an accidental post entitled V (read the comments 🙂 ) turned into The Alphabet Posts. A "series" where I started with the letter A and went through every letter of the alphabet, ending with Z yesterday. For each letter I chose a word to share and give my thoughts for that… Continue reading The Alphabet Post Challenge

Z Is For Zeal

Do we have the zeal? Do we really have that eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of our faith? Do we have that passion? Each one us, knowing what Christ has done for us, should be eager to share Him! We should be passionate about sharing our stories with others. Do we eagerly seek time… Continue reading Z Is For Zeal

Y Is For You

You, yes YOU! Do you realize how vital you are to yourself? Do you know why? Because it doesn't matter what the world says or comes down to YOU. When everyone is telling you negative things...only YOU can choose to believe it. It doesn't matter how many people tell you it's time for change...only… Continue reading Y Is For You

X Is For Xsturgy

Yeah, I had to go the dictionary. There are over 100 words that begin with an X but most of those are not "true" words. And the one I have chosen has only been used a few times a looong time ago. Xsturgy means to polish. Some of us are old enough to know or… Continue reading X Is For Xsturgy

W Is For Worthy

What makes one worthy? Is it their looks? Is it their achievements? Is it their character? Is it how good they are in bed? Is it their deeds? Is it their material possessions? Well, that's how the world wants us to decide if someone is worthy or not. I learned the hard way, even before… Continue reading W Is For Worthy