OLABS Testimonials: PORN. The MONSTER!

My sister Nash offers us a very powerful look into the MONSTER that is called porn. She offers links to her other posts at the bottom as well as Shelly Luben’s YouTube testimony…a must see!

My Jesus Is Amazing





A terrible monster indeed. So many are falling prey to it without knowing and most are in denial. This is because, they are under the spell this monster. In our generation, coming across sexual stuff is as easy as breathing! I was prey to this monster and it almost ruined my life. But Jesus set me free through the power of the Holy Spirit. Stop feeding this monster if you are hooked to it, less it eats you up completely. But if you have already been consumed by it, Jesus will go to its belly and get you out. He is that AMAZING!


All it took me was one look and I was gone! Completely under the spell of this monster. I stayed away for two years but, the images I had seen did not stay away. I was sucked…

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