Weekend Fun!

We were able to leave work a bit early yesterday because the rain had slowed down construction work pretty much everywhere. No orders being placed, so no orders being filled. Three hours early meant nap time. I'm still adjusting to having to wake up at four and work an 12 hour shift. It will get… Continue reading Weekend Fun!

7 Favorite Things Tag

This looks fun. I saw this on Vickie's blog this morning and was like cool. She chose not to nominate anyone but open to all. So I am going with it 🙂 Go check out Vickie's 7 Favorite Things RULES: 1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you. 2. Link back and thank… Continue reading 7 Favorite Things Tag

My Weekend Be Like This Tag

Thank you Gail for nominating me for this tag. I think it is a cool way to step out of my box like I did by giving you a glimpse into my life outside my blog and share some of my routine...whatever routine is. As some of you know I was laid off recently...so my… Continue reading My Weekend Be Like This Tag

A Glimpse Into My Life Outside The Blogging World

I figured I would do something a little different...well a lot different for me. A glimpse into my life outside of the blogging world. Yesterday my daughter, Erin and I went out for Sushi at our favorite Thai restaurant. It always been a taste test as we always get four rolls. Something new each time… Continue reading A Glimpse Into My Life Outside The Blogging World