Stryper Friday : Surrender This is my favorite Stryper song of all time!!!

The Blue Chip Challenge

This is a post from May of 2018. But it has been on my mind for days now. I do not know who needs this right now. But whoever you are...may God give you the courage to surrender!! I had another post I wanted to share with you today, but I changed my mind last… Continue reading The Blue Chip Challenge

Thought For The Day…

Broken Heart? Surrender The Broken Pieces To God!

God can heal a broken heart/life, we just have to be willing surrender the brokenness to Him and let Him work. Step by step. Minute by minute. Hurt by hurt. Emotion by emotion. Until it doesn't hurt taking a step forward or even backwards because at that moment your emotions/heart got hurt. God cares for… Continue reading Broken Heart? Surrender The Broken Pieces To God!

Free From The Guilt & Shame

You know what? The Bible tells us that we are to love others as we love ourselves. This has always bothered me for years, because I have always felt I loved others. Yet, there are days I don't even like myself. Tonight, I found out the real reason. Through an invite from a dear friend… Continue reading Free From The Guilt & Shame