Pastors, Quit Tickling Ears And Preach Real Life Issues

Why is the church silent on the everyday issues? I'll give my thoughts right here and right now! Pastors are scared! Church members are a tough crowd. You say the wrong thing behind the pulpit you could lose your job because you "offended" someone in the congregation. Well, I say good, they NEED to be… Continue reading Pastors, Quit Tickling Ears And Preach Real Life Issues

Sunday Music: John Elefante | No One’s Ever Died For Me Before A young boy in the synagogue teaching with great knowledge... A man who just heard that one of his best friend's had died... A man praying so compassionately in a garden... A man so beaten that even his own mother might not have recognized him... A man who spoke it is finished as the… Continue reading Sunday Music: John Elefante | No One’s Ever Died For Me Before

The Ministry Of Gold, Frankincense & Myrhh

This is what the Christian music industry should look like ministry wise... This picture doesn't just show a few girls having a chit chat. This is a picture of the band GFM(Gold Frankincense & Myrrh), a christian metal/beautycore band, sitting with my daughter after a show of theirs. My daughter had been going through some… Continue reading The Ministry Of Gold, Frankincense & Myrhh

We Need A Hero

I grew up reading comic books. My very first one was a copy of the Teen Titans that I bought at a local convenient store while visiting friends. It was so cool to see the bad guys losing. The heroes always won back in those days. I remember reading my first copy of Superman and… Continue reading We Need A Hero

He Was There Through It All

Envision yourself surrounded by strangers. You are listening to each one tell this guy their story of how they were hurt, angry at the their spouse or a parent growing up, the grief they felt when someone passed away to young, or maybe suicidal thoughts because of something that happened to them as a child… Continue reading He Was There Through It All