Wednesday’s Life Song: Killswitch Engage | Always Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach are both Christians. Though this song is about two brothers and the grief for both of them during this time it also represents Jesus always being there for us. In these moments of loss and tormentWhen the vast skies don't seem to call to youWhen the weight of this… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: Killswitch Engage | Always

Child Loss: How To Talk To A Grieving Parent

This post was originally written in 2014. But I want to share it again because it's important! I was pleasantly surprised one day while browsing the internet. I have been praying for a dear friend of mine who had recently lost one of her sons. Shortly after the accident that took her son's life and… Continue reading Child Loss: How To Talk To A Grieving Parent


Words… Do we truly understand their meaning? Do we understand how they work? Do we realize their power? Do we truly, and I mean truly, understand that they can either tear someone down to the point of suicide or bring them out of their pit? Do we realize that the spoken word can literally break… Continue reading Words

Jesus Was A Homeless Guy

Everyone STOP what you are doing!!!

This could be one of the most important blogs you will read all year. If I could vote this as the best blog of the year I would. It is heart felt, written with passion and the truth.

We, as the church, have missed the mark on so much. With more and more people becoming homeless due to whatever reason we need to step up to the plate and do as Christ would. I love this statement from Catherine “I believe we are only going to be able to address the poverty of these souls, if we first try to ease some of the physical distress these people are in. Handing a cute cartoon booklet to a guy who is wearing the only clothes he owns is stupid and worthless, and frankly insulting to everyone involved.

Maybe it makes the church feel all warm and fuzzy thinking they’ve done their part to draw in the harvest, but the fall-out to Christianity’s reputation from that particular exercise feels bitter to me.

What does that man or woman think about a God whose followers handed them a pamphlet and not a little food? I just want to scream, “Hey, Members of the Elite Clubs of God. If you aren’t going to help the Christians who are working on the front lines of this war for souls, at least don’t make things worse!”

The blight of the homeless is real and it does NOT matter how they got there. What DOES matter is how we help them.

Everyone Has A Story... Again

Homeless_womanLast Friday, I stopped at a convenience store to pick something up on the way home from work. All along the side of the building were homeless people, their worldly possessions in bags strung about their feet, their pets looking as gloomy as they did. What made this incident stand out in my mind was the presence of a small baby. She was in a beat up stroller, and the mother was doing her best to comfort her cries. It was a horrible sight.

Living and working in the area of Tulsa that I do, homeless people are in abundance. For some of them, it is fairly easy to determine how they came about to be in this position. Mental illness and drug addiction are by far the culprits for most of them. A smaller number of them, though, have the look of shock that accompanies a down turn in…

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