A Little Tribute To The Boys In Yellow & Black

May the Rock That Makes Me Roll give me the strength to be a Soldier Under Command, to Reach Out to those who have turned from God and to tell them they too can be Saved By Love. I am no longer Caught In The Middle. I have been Reborn and Renewed. I have a… Continue reading A Little Tribute To The Boys In Yellow & Black

Stu’s World XXXIX

Oh my gosh what a blessing this week was! Let me start by saying I have amazing friends!!Stryper was coming to Dallas. Knowing my situation one paid for the tickets and another came and picked me up Friday after work and then we all went to Dallas Saturday morning!Now, the three of us have not… Continue reading Stu’s World XXXIX

Stu’s World XXXII

This week has been both a let down and a joy. Erin's Christmas present did not get shipped in time. But she did enjoy coming over Christmas Eve and playing with Mickey. Brandon is so enjoying his ear pods. Mickey has grown a bit in just a week. Guess that means he's happy 🙂 I… Continue reading Stu’s World XXXII

Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Always There For You

https://youtu.be/0kiTy_rBtSk Angie called me Thursday morning just to say thank you. She said I have always been there for her no matter what. I told her she has always been there for me too. She said not lately. I told her that whatever struggles she is dealing with are more important than mine at moment.… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Always There For You

Sunday Music: Stryper | Believe

https://youtu.be/iCZ0lx3vVN4 Freedom is never free! I know for myself, I do not recognize those who risk their lives daily for our safety and our freedom. Freedom always come with a hefty price tag. The price tag of not seeing their kids take their first step, the missed ball games, plays, dance rehearsals and simply being… Continue reading Sunday Music: Stryper | Believe