Watch Yourself Or You Also May Be Tempted

Sometimes one of the hardest things one can do is try to help another up without being pulled down with them. I've had several friends tell me stories of how they gave into temptation while trying to help a friend overcome theirs. Here they are wanting so badly to help a friend in need get… Continue reading Watch Yourself Or You Also May Be Tempted


Men, Be Strong And Courageous

Not matter what we are going through God says do not be afraid or discouraged but be strong and courageous.

Prayer For The Continued Journey

Father, I come to you today just asking for wisdom, understanding and endurance. Sometimes Lord it is just so hard to talk about porn and sex. I know it is your calling on my life to help others out of their addiction just as you helped me out of mine, but hurts. It hurts… Continue reading Prayer For The Continued Journey

Power & Strength

While leading our 12 Step Study last night for Richland Celebrate Recovery several things finally made sense as they came to me while reading the opening scriptures. The first one is the power that resides in us. We have a major power source that we never truly tap into. And the reason is we are… Continue reading Power & Strength