The Lighthouse

I was flipping through my memories on Facebook this morning as I do almost every morning and this pops up. I figured I would share it with you. I wrote this back in 2012... The lighthouse. I have always been fascinated with them...even painted one in High School using oil paint. The lighthouse is a… Continue reading The Lighthouse


Freedom Of Expression Tag | Hope

Guy, this is cool! Laura from All The Shoes I Wear has nominated me to participate in the Freedom of Expression Tag! Thank you so much Laura! I enjoy doing these 🙂 Here's a quick run down of the tag for those who are unfamiliar with it... “ABOUT THE TAG BY RICHA- Every week (Thursday)… Continue reading Freedom Of Expression Tag | Hope

The Journey…

One of the things I always enjoyed growing up was looking for rocks. It didn't matter where I was. If there were rocks, I was in the middle of them moving them around trying to find the one cool one, that looked different. Sometimes I would look for ones that that had fossils in them.… Continue reading The Journey…