Sunday’s Worship Music: God’s Property| My Life Is In Your Hands

Stryper Friday: First Love | Live In Japan I love this song but this version is by far my favorite. This was the song I had playing in the living room with headphones on so I could not hear my parents conversation... The night I told mom dad was cheating😭 He left that same night

R.I.P. Michael Bloodgood

This hurts even though I know Michael is with the Father... Michael is the founder and bassist for the Christian Rock band Bloodgood. Bloodgood's music has been a mainstay in my life for over 30 years now. Back in February Michael suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke 😢 Michael & Bloodgood's lyrics has reached millions over… Continue reading R.I.P. Michael Bloodgood

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: ZZ Top | Sharp Dressed Man Without a doubt ZZ was one of a kind. No one sounded remotely close. With the first strum of the guitar you knew it was ZZ😊 Yet another band I wish I could have seen live😢

Tuesday’s Acapella Music: Pentatonix| Bohemian Rhapsody I must be losing my mind. I posted Wednesday's Life Song for Tuesday's Acapella Music 😮 Time to make up...sorry