Surfing for God: My Reflections

“One is one too many and one more is never enough.”

This quote is something all addicts can relate too!

But that is not the only nugget I received from this post.

This is a very honest and upfront post with questions based off the book Surfing For God.

These are some deep questions. Check out his answers. See if you can find a piece of yourself in there. I know I did.

I praise God for the last answer he gave….He is pursuing his wife and learning to love himself…probably for the first since he was a teen…

God bless you brother! Keep pressing forward! Keep pursuing your wife! Keep pursuing God!

A Dark Night Shattered by Light

Note:  Been a while since I’ve posted anything … the below entry is based on questions related to the book “Surfing for God” that I am reading through with a group.  Questions are in bold and my reflections are below them.


How does “I’m tired of how little porn/sexual behaviors delivers” apply to you?

Porn and sexual behaviors have been completely destructive in my life.  It was like an invasive poison ivy that was let in, and then started to spread its vine just underneath the soil.  As the first leaves started to sprout, it was too late.  Soon many leaves along an intricate network of vines made life a minefield, and I had given up, accepted the poison inside of me and the rashes as a part of me.  But God has lifted me out of that underbrush.  I cannot go back to it.  It never delivered what…

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An open letter to the girl addicted to sex

Catie gives us a powerful and honest look into the world of women who struggle with pornography and masturbation.

So much in this post spoke to me, but this ““Girls don’t struggle with that stuff.” And that’s a big fat freaking lie. It’s lies like these that prevent confession, cheating women of the freedom they could experience in overcoming this sin. Because when we experience the freedom to confess even the darkest of our darkness, we can fight together. We don’t want to struggle well, we want to QUIT THE STRUGGLE, putting the sin to death and chasing after the redemption story Jesus writes for us daily. And God has designed us to do that TOGETHER” is the truth! And as long as people, especially the church, think women do not struggle then true freedom can not be had.


I wonder if I’m a girl you’d think struggles with sex.

Isn’t that what we all wonder? Maybe it’s not sex, pornography, or even masturbation, but you struggle secretly with a dark sin and wonder if others would ever guess. For me though?

It’s sex. Or at least it has been for several years. Sometimes I feel like I’ve finally overcome it, but then I fall short again and my heart sinks and the insecurities come crashing in just to remind me of how disgusting I am.

The first time I watched pornography, I was in 4th grade. I was 9 years old. And it wasn’t even on purpose, it was a total accident that I couldn’t turn away from. I hadn’t even had a period yet, or even knew what the heck it was. And there I was, learning all about what I needed to look like to…

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Dear Struggling Friend

Dear friend, Are you hurting right now? Are you sitting with your head tucked between your knees,  crying in shame because you have given in to temptation? Are you lying in bed with a stained pillow from the tears being shed as you try to figure out what in the world is going on? You… Continue reading Dear Struggling Friend

Porn: America’s Silent Killer

Very good article. I just had to share! There is just so much in here that I agree with especially this statement: It’s time to stop ignoring porn as a topic. It’s time to take back America from the grip of porn addiction, one family at a time. It begins with you taking a stand… Continue reading Porn: America’s Silent Killer