Saturday’s Random Music: Iona | Inside My Heart Closing the year out with this beautiful song from the Celtic band Iona. Enjoy😊

Saturday’s Random Music: King’s X| Pray Now share with you all one of the best bands ever that no one knows about. That not all true. Some know of King's X. They had radio hits. They had hit videos on MTV. They have toured with KISS, AC/DC and OZZY. King's X is simply put the greatest yet underrated band of… Continue reading Saturday’s Random Music: King’s X| Pray

Saturday’s Random Music: Matty Mullins | Noel There is just something about his voice.

Saturday’s Random Music: Nini Music | LongMa This is cool!!!

Saturday’s Random Music: Deliverance | Slay The Wicked Coming off their release Weapons Of Our Warfare, which to me is Deliverance's best album, is Slay The Wicked. I believe this whole album is a result of members of the band reading Frank Peritti's book This Present Darkness. I don't have a favorite per se off this album as I love the whole… Continue reading Saturday’s Random Music: Deliverance | Slay The Wicked