Someone Was Busy Reading Yesterday

I took a look at my stats this morning and kinda tripped... Someone decided to sit down a read for a while. I pray that, whoever you are, you found something worth taking to heart. They didn't like or comment...they just read. And that's cool. Thank you for stopping by and reading! I'm honored you… Continue reading Someone Was Busy Reading Yesterday

Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Don’t Wait For The Movie Ok, I'm one of those people that usually finds one song on an album I own or have owned that I can't stand. It doesn't matter if the lyrical content is off the chain because the music stinks...or vice versa. Don't know why honestly but there seems to be always one song I just… Continue reading Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Don’t Wait For The Movie


I do these type of things on Facebook periodically, if I like the questions. Gail tagged me in the TMI tag and I was like...yeah, let's do this. Thanks Gail for thinking of me 😀 This will give you all a little, if not TMI, information into my life outside of this blog and into… Continue reading TMI