Life Is Like A Box Of Lego Pieces

This is a post from two years ago. I was reminded of this last night as I was pondering how all the pieces of my life fit together. I took Brandon to a Lego Challenge event yesterday. In this event he had to build different size bridges that would be able to withstand a certain… Continue reading Life Is Like A Box Of Lego Pieces

Movie Night: Birdie & Bogey

Birdie & Bogey is a wonderful family film about a father's relationship with his daughter! Birdie takes up golf because her dad played. In her eyes he was the greatest. She "tricks" him to start playing again on tour. But the tour becomes too strenuous for Birdie and becomes sick. I don't want to give… Continue reading Movie Night: Birdie & Bogey

Reblog: The Mystery Blogger Award

Now, I normally do not reblog awards but I feel I have to with this one. 🙂 I gave the award to Sarah and she went with it for real. I so loved her favorite story and her answer to my question on what she would do if her child/children came home from being bullied… Continue reading Reblog: The Mystery Blogger Award

Attention Parents!! Instagram Has Porn Sites Soliciting Our Children!!

Brandon called to tell me that he needs to make his Instagram account private. I asked what happened... He sent me this... He's freaking 11!!!! I am so livid right now I could probably spit fire if I opened my mouth😠 I did call him back and told him thank you sending me the message.… Continue reading Attention Parents!! Instagram Has Porn Sites Soliciting Our Children!!

The Moonlight Blogger Award

This is so freaking cool! Purple Rose & Dollfaced Writer have come up with a new award👏😊 I am so honored that Purple Rose chose me to participate in this. Sis, I am so touched that you feel my words can illuminate the darkest of places. I am humbled that you can also see my… Continue reading The Moonlight Blogger Award