AZQCueU2 Challenge

Thank you Amy for thinking of me to participate by giving me the letter R The game was created by Rory AZQCueU2 is a fast challenge game, meaning that when you tag someone itโ€™s because you know they are online on a regular basis and not perhaps every few days, so a daily presence is… Continue reading AZQCueU2 Challenge

Quote From A Friend On YouVersion

A friend of mine from the YouVersion Bible app commented on one of our group plans yesterday. It made me I am sharing it with you with Chris' permission... Without the belt of truth holding up my peaceful pants I'd trip over my own lying life. When the hypocrisy is revealed, it's like getting… Continue reading Quote From A Friend On YouVersion

Quote For The Day

Quote For The Day

Sometimes God redeems your story by placing people in your life that need to hear your story, so that your past does not become their future. ~Stu~

Intimacy Is The Best Christmas Present

After the festivities have died down today make sure to spend some quality alone time with the love of your life. Letting them know you cherish them is still a vital component, if not more so, during the holidays! Who knows...maybe make your own festivities...hint...hint... ๐Ÿ™‚ This quote is from my friend Destiny at Dollfaced… Continue reading Intimacy Is The Best Christmas Present