Wednesday’s Life Song: Ozzy Osbourne | I Don’t Know Ozzy?!? For a life song?!? Sounds crazy doesn't it? But the lyrics hit me today out of left field. Ozzy is Jewish so I understand his thoughts on being left behind. Some Jews believe the Messiah has come and they missed him and some are still waiting. But as Christians many have asked when… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: Ozzy Osbourne | I Don’t Know

Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 1

Here is the devotional: God’s mission is to gather as many souls on earth as are willing to live with him for eternity. He is passionate—no, vigilant—for everyone to have an opportunity to choose him. When we give our lives to him, his mission becomes our mission, though we don’t see the whole picture as… Continue reading Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 1

Be Prepared To Give An Answer: Day 7

Here is the devotional: Of all the questions I have ever received about my faith, by far, I hear these the most: Why is evil here to begin with? How can a good God allow such evil to happen throughout our world? If He is all powerful, why doesn’t He just destroy it? I love… Continue reading Be Prepared To Give An Answer: Day 7

Be Prepared To Give An Answer: Day One

Here is the devotional: I remember it being a lively summer night, hanging out and shooting darts with a few friends at our favorite local establishment, all the while discussing and debating a wide range of topics from who the best running back in the NFL was to why the US invading Iraq was or… Continue reading Be Prepared To Give An Answer: Day One

The Sunshine & Rainbow Blog Tag

Holy cow! I have been tagged😮 Do you know how long it's been and how much I have missed these little treats? Bunches! Charity has tagged me for The Sunshine & Rainbow Blog Tag. This blog tag was created to show appreciation for bloggers who bring positivity and happiness into our lives! 😮 I have… Continue reading The Sunshine & Rainbow Blog Tag