Prayers Please

I just had someone offer me a car. The asking price is 650.00 I just need to take a look at the vehicle and decide what I need to do. All that is wrong with the car is that it idles too high. So I would need to figure out why and possibly which sensor… Continue reading Prayers Please

Prayers Please

I'm losing my mind. My ride to work could not pick me up this morning. He has the flu...maybe...or he was just hungover from this weekend. He left work yesterday. I'm afraid I could lose my job. Finding a ride to drive 30 minutes on way and 30 minutes back to town is not an… Continue reading Prayers Please

Good News Possibly Bad News

Big D's brother is out of jail!!!👏👏👏 Such a huge answer to prayers and a big most to D's faith 😊 His brother will be confined to the house and school with an ankle bracelet. So I told D that since his brother can not go "out" he needs to go in. He needs to… Continue reading Good News Possibly Bad News

Prayer Request

We just found out this morning at work that one of our fellow employees has stage four cancer of the liver. He has refused chemo. And the doctors have given him two months to live. You can't truly prepare for news like this even knowing something is wrong. Charles is married with children. Please be… Continue reading Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request Please

Something just told me to call my friend Angie and well... She is in the hospital at moment waiting to be seen. She tried to break up a fight between two dogs and her leg was bit 😦 She sent me pictures. Not as bad as it could have been but still bad. Pray the… Continue reading Urgent Prayer Request Please