Monday’s Music To Move You: Petra | For Annie The first Christian music I ever owned was given to me by my Grandmother. The same year she bought me my first Bible she also got me Petra's cassette tape More Power To Ya (Yeah, I'm giving my age I immediately fell in love and bought everything in Petra's collection up to that… Continue reading Monday’s Music To Move You: Petra | For Annie

Sunday’s Worship Music: Petra | Somebody’s Gonna Praise His Name There is just something about the On Fire album. Gotta love it😊

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Petra | Counsel Of The Holy

It is too hard to pick a true favorite off of this album. In my opinion On Fire was their best! Doesn't hurt that my neighbor Ronny Cates is playing bass😊 Counsel of the holy is about the bible...wisdom cries for all to read... Petra along with Stryper and Resurrection Band kept me grounded… Continue reading Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Petra | Counsel Of The Holy

Sunday’s Worship Music: Petra | King Of Kings – Jesus Jesus Glorious One

Sunday Music: Petra | Stand Up I was given this cassette tape on Christmas in 1983 along with my first Bible, which I still use to this day, from my grandmother. What grandmother back in the 80's gives their grandchildren rock music? Mine did😊 What a journey she put me on. Opening that cassette up and putting in the player… Continue reading Sunday Music: Petra | Stand Up