Sunday’s Worship Music: Passion | Glorious Day This was sung in church this morning right before we sang Child Of Love. Couldn't get much better with these two songs back to back to set the tone 🙂

Sex: Myth #2 Sex Is For Procreation And Nothing Else

Here is the devotional: Yesterday, we talked about debunking the myth that sex is dirty. Today, let’s talk about another common lie we can often think about sex. Although sex is more than an indulgence of the flesh, it is also more than the act of procreation. Read Song of Songs 4:5-7. This Song is… Continue reading Sex: Myth #2 Sex Is For Procreation And Nothing Else

Z Is For Zeal

Do we have the zeal? Do we really have that eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of our faith? Do we have that passion? Each one us, knowing what Christ has done for us, should be eager to share Him! We should be passionate about sharing our stories with others. Do we eagerly seek time… Continue reading Z Is For Zeal

From A Porn Scene Mentality To Intimacy With Your Wife

This is something that has been on my heart for a while now guys and honestly, I may lose some followers after this post or I may gain a few. I have been a recovering porn addict for almost six years now and through my various ministries on social media have had many wives reach out… Continue reading From A Porn Scene Mentality To Intimacy With Your Wife

Is That Desire And Passion Still There?

I was reading one of my YouVersion Bible plans yesterday and one of the verses was from the Song of Solomon. Here I am reading the verse and this just hit me as I kept reading. So totally cool. Do you remember when you were dating and just the sight of the one you loved… Continue reading Is That Desire And Passion Still There?