Mirror Series Part IV

So many memories are held in this place. I remember playing in all these boxes looking for "lost" treasure. Until that one day I found something that was more like someone's "hidden" treasure. Though looking back on it now...that was no treasure at all. Oh, it was someone's treasure! Ok, how in the heck could… Continue reading Mirror Series Part IV

I Don’t Get It! I Just Don’t Get It!

What is wrong with me? I hear that question a lot from some of my female friends. Here are some of the other questions that coincide with that one... What about me is so unattractive that he feels the need to look at other women? Why is that when he hugs me it feels like… Continue reading I Don’t Get It! I Just Don’t Get It!

Here Goes Pinterest With Nudity

Well it looks like Pinterest is going crazy now... I was recently followed by someone who has a board entitled Song of Songs, which references the book, Song of Solomon. So I instinctively followed this person only to find out that his Song of Solomon Pinterest board was nothing but naked men and naked women… Continue reading Here Goes Pinterest With Nudity

Attention Parents!! Instagram Has Porn Sites Soliciting Our Children!!

Brandon called to tell me that he needs to make his Instagram account private. I asked what happened... He sent me this... He's freaking 11!!!! I am so livid right now I could probably spit fire if I opened my mouth😠 I did call him back and told him thank you sending me the message.… Continue reading Attention Parents!! Instagram Has Porn Sites Soliciting Our Children!!

Dear Hollywood, That Is Not How It Works

Dear Hollywood, Would you please stop giving young men and women the wrong impression on sex? Maybe your screen writers are living out their sexual fantasies through the scripts for a certain scene, which by the way was not even needed in the film...but hey, sex sells. But if you are going to have those… Continue reading Dear Hollywood, That Is Not How It Works