Friday’s Love Song: John Berry | Your Love Amazes Me This sums up my love for Angie..totally unselfish and surpasses all others! Amazing!!

Stu’s World CX

Stu's World

Hey everyone. Not much has been going on but at the same time everything has been going on. For some of you that will make sense. Work has been going really well. We have not slowed down despite the price of lumber nowadays. We have actually picked up even more! Where in the world does… Continue reading Stu’s World CX

Friday’s Love Song: Home Free | Forever & Ever Amen I've always enjoyed this song. I will admit I still love the Randy Travis original 😮 This is mine and Angie's love...forever and ever😍

Friday’s Love Song: Iconic | All I Need Iconic's third single off their debut album Second Skin. The thing is gonna be epic! Not many "super" groups live up to the hype but so far....heck yeah!!!

Friday’s Love Song: Guardian | You & I I'm weird and I know it🤪 But it is in my love song playlist