Stryper Friday: Lady Arguably the best album of their career. Against The Law has many of my favorite songs. The one of the 3 albums I do not skip a song on😊 This ballad is a great love song.

Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Near My heart's desire is to have Angie near. I love our hugs and kisses. I love walking up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck after breathing in her scent. But more importantly I just love being in her presence. She's peace. Can't wait to… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Near

Stu’s World CXVII

Stu's World

Well...I managed to get propane in my eye today. You know what? That crap burns!! It took three eye washings and 6 hours for my left eye to quit stinging . All while working in freezing rain with the wind blowing. I finally had to stop working and just stand behind my lift. One to… Continue reading Stu’s World CXVII

Stu’s World CXVI

Stu's World

This little shoe box is a great ride. It did very well this weekend to and from Shreveport. I just made it to the house to find out my lights will be turned off tomorrow😢 Looks like in my haste in getting out of the car problem scenario I forget to pay last months bill.… Continue reading Stu’s World CXVI

Stu’s World: Update On Car Situation

Stu's World

It is official!! Stu has a vehicle! It is a 2007 Buick Lacrosse. I did pay more than I wanted but it was also less than what he was asking for! I just couldn't let another vehicle get away. So by overspending on the purchase puts me out of range of tax, title and license.… Continue reading Stu’s World: Update On Car Situation