Urgent Prayer Request.

Angie just called to inform me that her son Ryan has just been admitted to the hospital with an enlarged heart. Angie has tested positive for Covid as of this morning and can not be with Ryan at the hospital. She's freaking out so naturally so am I. With Angie's auto immune system already out… Continue reading Urgent Prayer Request.

Stu’s World C

Stu's World

Holy cow! I have hit the 100 Stu World mark­čś« Well actually a few more than that with a few posts being subtitled with words instead of roman numerals. But this is crazy. When I started Stu's World I figured y'all would get bored with the "weekly" updates on my small little world. But NO!… Continue reading Stu’s World C

Stu’s World XCIX

Stu's World

Seems like everyone is catching this new strain. We have a few people out at work. They have shut down several schools since the teachers have it. Not the kids...the teachers. Of course you can't have a class if the teacher doesn't show up. Whatever happened to substitute teachers? Brandon may have it again. He… Continue reading Stu’s World XCIX

Stu’s World: 9 Years & Counting

Holy Cow­čś« 9 Years! Not in a million years would I have believed you if you had told me 9 Years ago that God wanted me to start a blog. But at the advice of 2 very dear friends I did just that. It was to be an extension of my Facebook ministries Spiritual Leaders… Continue reading Stu’s World: 9 Years & Counting

Stu’s World XCV

Hey everyone­čś« Yeah, Stu is still alive. Not too much going on in Stuville at moment. That can be considered a good thing and a bad thing...lol Muffin had more kittens and will soon be neutered­čśą What ever type of cat Muffin is there is a dominant gene there. Brandon and I both were hoping… Continue reading Stu’s World XCV