Movie Night: Facing The Giants

Need I say anything about this movie? In my opinion this is the best Christian movie ever made. The death crawl is one the best scenes EVER! Everytime I am down in the dumps or things are just weighing me down I watch this movie. There is no telling how many times I have… Continue reading Movie Night: Facing The Giants

Weekend Fun!

We were able to leave work a bit early yesterday because the rain had slowed down construction work pretty much everywhere. No orders being placed, so no orders being filled. Three hours early meant nap time. I'm still adjusting to having to wake up at four and work an 12 hour shift. It will get… Continue reading Weekend Fun!

Movie Night: Between The Walls

An interesting movie where a young man has to return home because his childhood home is being repossessed. And upon returning he unlocks the door to the one room no one but his dad was allowed to enter. And he freaks the heck out because there are audio tapes dating back to when he was… Continue reading Movie Night: Between The Walls

Movie Night: The Current

As the city becomes to violent and young Jake witnesses a hold-up his parents choose to move to a Campground and become the caretakers. Of course Jake hates it! But eventually he makes friends with another boy named Peter who lives across the river from them. As there friendship grows stronger young Peter's life is… Continue reading Movie Night: The Current

Movie Night: Do You Believe?

What a great movie!! This has got to be one of the best Christian movies in decades. As 12 lives move in different directions as God is moving them to intersect and discover that power of the cross! Only God could make this type of thing happen. And I see it frequently as God brings… Continue reading Movie Night: Do You Believe?