Movie Night: The Grace Card

This movie is so powerful. What a great movie of Redemption and forgiveness! After losing his son to an accidental Mac becomes angry with God and is filled with bitterness. With the paring of an unlikely new partner, who just happens to be the same color as the young man who took his son's life.… Continue reading Movie Night: The Grace Card


Movie Night | Home Run

I am rewatching this tonight for like the umpteenth time! The movie Home Run is powerful!! It is full of life. And by that I do mean the good, the bad and the ugly. With anger issues from a drunk and abusive father, lost love, alcoholism, self worth issues and other life is REAL!… Continue reading Movie Night | Home Run

Movie Night | King’s Faith

I just finished one of my favorite movies! Everytime I need a nudge in my faith I put this in the DVD player. I don't want to give too much away...but... Brandon King's life hit rock bottom and found himself in a juvenile penitentiary. It was there he found God. At 18, he finds himself… Continue reading Movie Night | King’s Faith