Snakes In The Playground

Dear Fathers, I know we look forward to walking our little girl down the aisle one day. I also know that many of us do not want that to happen until she is like 40. I believe that all of us want to do that, not only with a smile on our face but one… Continue reading Snakes In The Playground


Don’t Give Up Because Of Lost Time

There is something I have learned in the six months or so since returning to Celebrate Recovery...besides the fact that I still need it. Here it is...there are men and women, dads and moms that feel as if they have let their children down. And in a lot of ways. And I am one of… Continue reading Don’t Give Up Because Of Lost Time

Mother’s Day

As Mother's Day is upon us I am reminded of all that my mom has done for me in my lifetime and even before she met me that day in the hospital room. She nurtured me in her womb. She feed, clothed me and loved me for years. For that I will always be grateful.… Continue reading Mother’s Day