Riaan Sweigelaar Leaves The Satanic Church And Accepts Christ

This right here is proof of how the unconditionally love of Christians can indeed change the world. It's love people...not winning arguments...not bashing them over the head with a Bible...not judging...but love! For those who have a Facebook account and would like to hear Riaan give his testimony please go check it out here

Why Do Non-believers Get Mad At Christians For Telling Them They Need Jesus

Here is another question from a reader. Man I hope more of you start doing this 🙂 Question...why does someone get upset at a person who is trying to save their soul but not at the ones that are helping to condemn said soul? Many times I believe it is in the way we, as… Continue reading Why Do Non-believers Get Mad At Christians For Telling Them They Need Jesus

Celebrate Recovery Honduras Mission Trip 2014

Who would have thought I would ever go on a mission trip? To quote on old friend of mine when they found out I was going...."This blows my mind." Well, I promise you....it was mine that was blown. I am going to TRY to share and put into words what happened... Here is what I… Continue reading Celebrate Recovery Honduras Mission Trip 2014

It Has Been A While

We have returned from our mission trip to Honduras. Posts will be coming soon about the mighty move of God in Olanchita. Pictures will be shared once I get permission from all involved. But right now I am still trying to process everything in my heart and mind.