Living Lust Free: Lust Is A Choice

Here is the devotional: Is lust a choice or an excuse to be a “bad boy” and not take responsibility? I believe all behavior is a choice. One of the primary distinctions of our creation in God’s image is that we all have a will. We are permitted to use our will how we wish,… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Lust Is A Choice

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Michael Sweet | No Safe Way This goes along with our topic of lust in the weeks Bible study on pornography. This was actually one of my favorite songs on Michael Sweet's first solo album😊

Trafficked: The Hidden Connection Of Pornography | Connecting The Dots

Let me say up front that I will be real and honest in this Bible Study! I know this topic is tough for some but it is one that still needs to be addressed even if it means making people uncomfortable! And some need to be made uncomfortable... Here is the devotional: There is a… Continue reading Trafficked: The Hidden Connection Of Pornography | Connecting The Dots

You Are Not Broken….You Are Beautiful

Man, I truly got my heart broken the other day. And it is not in any way you would probably think. Well....I don't know...maybe it is what you think but not how and why. It was a woman, yes. Here is the deal and IT IS A BIG DEAL. Guys if you are reading this… Continue reading You Are Not Broken….You Are Beautiful

The Big M

*This post was originally written on June 9th 2015. I just felt the need to share this again. Someone out there needs this * I wonder why the topic of masturbation is so touchy? Why the anger that usually happens when two people with differences of opinion discuss this topic? It's almost harder to discuss… Continue reading The Big M