Stu’s World XCIII

Hello everyone. I promise one of these days I will get back to writing regularly. I have a several posts in my head at moment. One will be ready this week. We have finally hired some new hands for the yard. Three newbies. One knows nothing about lumber or driving a forklift. But workers are… Continue reading Stu’s World XCIII

Stu’s World XCI

This has been a weird week. We have had a total of 15 employees from inside the store get the new strain of Covid (which may or may not be Covid at all but that's what they call it now.) So it has been especially tough, in a way, for us guys working on the… Continue reading Stu’s World XCI

Stu’s World XC

I am laughing so hard right now. I was sent a link to Oral Roberts' "famous" sex sermon he gave to his church. The video is just a picture of Oral with just his mouth and eyes moving to the audio. The audio is legit! I'm rolling. He covers it all. From oral, to anal,… Continue reading Stu’s World XC

Stu’s World LXXXIX

K, it's been a minute. As you can tell from recent posts I've been getting lost in music. Which, trust me, is a good place for Stu to be. But my dear sister Charity messaged me the other day saying she is going through withdrawals from me not doing Stu's World every week. Speaking of… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXXIX

Stu’s World LXXXVIII

Hey everyone. I'm sorry for being quiet. Work is just draining me. We are down 2 guys at moment and getting ready to be down 3 in the next few days. Life has been interesting. Brandon's mom announced her engagement to her "boyfriend" and Brandon is past the mad stage. He can't stand the guy.… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXXVIII