Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Faith?

Here is the devotional: As mentioned on Day 1, faith is simply putting our trust or confidence in something or someone and having a belief that isn’t based on proof. She acted in good faith.He clung to his faith that his wife would survive.They took everything we said on faith.A worldly faith is different from… Continue reading Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Faith?

Faith, Hope & Love: These Three Remain

Here is the devotional: The Apostle Paul gets right to the heart of the matter in 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter commonly referred to as the chapter on love. It’s likely that even those who aren’t followers of Jesus are familiar with this passage. After describing the word love in detail and even sharing about… Continue reading Faith, Hope & Love: These Three Remain

Jesus: He Gets Us | He Understands Us

Here is the devotional: Everyone you meet has a fascinating backstory. Just ask them about it. Where did you grow up? Who most influenced you? What factors shaped your path? What’s important to you? What do you love?Jesus grew up in northern Israel. His people were regular folks, living mostly insignificant lives. In fact, nobody… Continue reading Jesus: He Gets Us | He Understands Us

Wednesday’s Life Song: Cody Johnson | Til You Can’t Life is short. Love Big!

Friday’s Love Song: Aaron Lewis | Someone It just speaks...