Tuesday’s Acapella Music: Home Free | What’s Left Of My Heart

https://youtu.be/J9jfMYSJF-o This is what Angie and I gave each other in the beginning...bits & pieces

Friday’s Love Song: Sweet & Lynch | The Wish

https://youtu.be/jmmolV-B7xE What happens when you mix an world renowned Atheist guitarist and a world renowned Christian vocalist/ guitarist? You come up with Sweet & Lynch! This is one of Michael Sweet's side projects. This is what I love about Michael. He has earned respect in the rock world not only as a man who stands… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Sweet & Lynch | The Wish

Stu’s World XXXI

This has been a cool week. Every morning Big Dee has been reading Proverbs out loud while we are huddled around our forklifts trying to stay warm from the exhaust. And I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing his smile as he reads to those who will listen🙂 Monday was a little rough as we had tornados… Continue reading Stu’s World XXXI

Friday’s Love Song: Whiteheart |Unchain

https://youtu.be/CfEPjMAalmE The first time I heard this song I loved it! How can one not love it? It is after all talking about love. And for years I prayed for someone who would come along and unchain me from poverty of feeling...well...unwanted. My ex-wife did for a while and then chained me to the comparison… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Whiteheart |Unchain

Friday’s Love Song: Matty Mullins | By My Side

https://youtu.be/L93bqwk0sgE I felt loved... I felt peace... I felt at home... I felt stronger... I felt alive... When she was by my side... That smile lite my heart ablaze... The way she looked at me simply melted all my worries away... The love of a lifetime... I miss her being by my side...