Innocent Porn

This is to beautiful & powerful not to share! This was written to a young woman whose husband was addicted to pornography. Innocent Porn Secret fantasies, forbidden fruit Dangerous seeds are taking root Pleasant to the eyes, poison to the soul Weeds and thorns are beginning to grow "Victimless" lust, "harmless" sin Persuasive words for… Continue reading Innocent Porn

Is Pornography Cheating?

A very good post by Hannah at Lost Passion.

I loved this…
“An authentic relationship is about sacrifice and responsibility and how ironic that those are just two of the many things that pornography robs us of. It robs us of the ability to sacrifice ourselves to others. It leads us into a cycle of instant gratification. It teaches us that our responsibility is to ourselves and ourselves alone. It puts us in a place where we are constantly concerned about our own satisfaction before the satisfaction of others.”

Lost Passion

The simple answer is, yes.

Let me explain.

Pornography is cheating on your family, cheating on your spouse (or future spouse), and ultimately cheating on YOURSELF.

It is the drug of this generation. We are all wounded by it in some way or another, whether it be through our own struggle with it or a friend and family member’s struggle with it. Some people are mildly affected while other marriages and families have been torn apart over it.

Pornography is inherently shameful, because no matter who you are you know that you are taking something beautiful and personal and turning it into entertainment. Think about it: you don’t hide and glance around before you pick up a copy of southern living magazine, you don’t clear your browser history after spending too much time online shopping. Deep down there is a reason for being ashamed of viewing pornography. Our phones, our…

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