Stu’s World: Car Update & A Few Other Things

Stu's World

I am still without a vehicle. Why does everyone either lie when advertising their vehicle or withhold key things wrong with said vehicle? So freaking aggravating!!!!! And why are there so many scammers. I'm not stupid. I learned from my past error. In two weeks I have turned in over 50 people for scam sales.… Continue reading Stu’s World: Car Update & A Few Other Things

Stu’s World: Update

Stu's World

The good news everything is paid off and I have the receipts for proof. Took a week for one receipt to show up and it came in today. Woo hoo!! Now to get my license and then a car. Money is still set aside for a vehicle but my calculations did not take into account… Continue reading Stu’s World: Update

Mental Health Monday: Trevor Talks With Dr. Caroline Leaf

Now this may or may not be an ongoing thing. I do know I will not post one every Monday. Maybe once a month. But the topic needs addressing for real! I have had a few friends just in the past three days lose friends to suicide 😭 In this podcast Dr. Caroline makes a… Continue reading Mental Health Monday: Trevor Talks With Dr. Caroline Leaf

Stu’s World CXIV

Stu's World

I didn't not post anything yesterday and here is why... I spent almost 4 hours watching this on YouTube last night. There is REAL talk about suicide and addictions with many stories coming from those who volunteered to be on camera. Such as Lacey Sturm, Sonny from P.O.D. , Chris from Five Finger Death… Continue reading Stu’s World CXIV

Wednesday’s Life Song: Demon Hunter | I Will Fail You This song is an eye opener. We are all broken people. And we fail each other. Even when forgiven and the faith in one is restored they let us down again. This goes with 70x7 Jesus talks about as well as the Bible study for this week on forgiveness.