Sunday’s Worship Music: King & Country| Love Me Like I Am Today is Father's Day.... Dads, we have made so many mistakes in our lives even before we become a dad that it is mind boggling. And we will continue to make mistakes for the rest of our lives! And despite those mistakes there is one who loves us exactly the way we are...our Heavenly… Continue reading Sunday’s Worship Music: King & Country| Love Me Like I Am

Father Please!

Father, You know my love for her! You know that she holds my heart and my heart breaks with sadness that it is not your will that we be together at this moment. So much is going on in both of our lives right now. Her health issues and my financial struggles just would not… Continue reading Father Please!

Sunday Music: King & Country | Together I had plans of sharing a few songs to raise awareness for suicide today considering many have fallen into depression and despair during this "lockdown/social distancing" but.... We will make it through this TOGETHER! We can reach out to those whose hearts are burdened and scared TOGETHER! We can send them hope via emails,… Continue reading Sunday Music: King & Country | Together

Please Lord, Hold Her Tonight Because I Can’t Be There To

KING & COUNTRY With Dolly Parton: God Only Knows First Renee mentions that King & Country teamed up Dolly to do a rendition of the song. Then today Angie sends me the video ❤ I must say I love it! Plus the video is freaking cool!