Monday’s Music To Move You: We The Kingdom| Jesus Does

Forgiveness Brings Healing: Forgive Us Lord

Here is the devotional: King David was an interesting character in the Old Testament. He was quite a combination of humility and compromise, courage and devious cunning, praising and warring. David, the shepherd boy turned king, was one of the most inspirational leaders and yet one of the most sinful.Just imagine for a moment the… Continue reading Forgiveness Brings Healing: Forgive Us Lord

Monday’s Music To Move You: Sacred Warrior| He Died Though Rebellion is my favorite song off of Scared Warriors debut album this is the song that moves me the most...

Be Prepared To Give An Answer: Day 5

Here is the devotional: To me, the most compelling proof of the Bible’s veracity is in all of its prophecies, foretold hundreds, sometimes even thousands of years before many of them came to fruition exactly as they had been prophesied by those whom God used for this very purpose. (Note:  Some prophecies, like the return… Continue reading Be Prepared To Give An Answer: Day 5

Monday’s Music To Move You: Katy Nichole | In Jesus Name If this does not move you to pray for others then you really need to check your heart.