Three Stories Of Pornography From Three Sides Of The Equation

Did porn attribute cause to the kidnapping and raping of Elizabeth? Here is my Celebrate Recovery forever friend Jessica's story... A story of the vicious cycle in the life of a porn star... Yes, it's brutal. Some of the things I have seen when I was in my dark and deep hole… Continue reading Three Stories Of Pornography From Three Sides Of The Equation

Mirror Series Part IV

So many memories are held in this place. I remember playing in all these boxes looking for "lost" treasure. Until that one day I found something that was more someone's "hidden" treasure. Though looking back on it now...that was no treasure at all. Oh, it was someone's treasure! Ok, how in the heck could a… Continue reading Mirror Series Part IV

Stu’s World XXVI

For those who have is Erin singing Amazing Grace six years ago ♥️ I love these memories on Facebook... Now to other news... I have been informed that PayPal has cut ties with the porn industry. Users will not be able to pay for porn membership sites using their PayPal account any longer!… Continue reading Stu’s World XXVI

Stu’s World XVII

So much has been on my heart this week... So many thoughts about life in general. Some of those thoughts are forthcoming in the form of posts. Some may be hidden in award or tag questions and answers, if I receive any more this year. If not I may do a smorgasbord type of post… Continue reading Stu’s World XVII

Attention Parents!! Instagram Has Porn Sites Soliciting Our Children!!

Brandon called to tell me that he needs to make his Instagram account private. I asked what happened... He sent me this... He's freaking 11!!!! I am so livid right now I could probably spit fire if I opened my mouth😠 I did call him back and told him thank you sending me the message.… Continue reading Attention Parents!! Instagram Has Porn Sites Soliciting Our Children!!