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Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Faith?

Here is the devotional: As mentioned on Day 1, faith is simply putting our trust or confidence in something or someone and having a belief that isn’t based on proof. She acted in good faith.He clung to his faith that his wife would survive.They took everything we said on faith.A worldly faith is different from… Continue reading Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Faith?

Jesus: He Gets Us | He Is For Us

Here is the devotional: Who is Jesus? People have debated that question for generations. Some said he was brilliant, and others label him insane. Some said Jesus was a good teacher, and others call him a liar. To judge a person’s character, you’ve got to look at their life.How did Jesus live among us? He… Continue reading Jesus: He Gets Us | He Is For Us

Jesus: He Gets Us | Jesus Changed History

Here is the devotional: In our six pictures of Jesus we discover that he gets us. He really does....His teachings prove he understood the things we struggle with; he identified with what we love and fight for. His example of love and acceptance was so counterculture that he upset first century expectations, as well as… Continue reading Jesus: He Gets Us | Jesus Changed History

Jesus: He Gets Us | Jesus Changed The Narrative

Here is the devotional: Sometimes Jesus doesn’t meet our expectations. When he showed up in the first century, people expected him to liberate them from an oppressive government. They expected him to be intimidating and powerful and usher in a new age and way of life. How else do you fight for justice and peace?… Continue reading Jesus: He Gets Us | Jesus Changed The Narrative