Hunting And Fishing Memories

Man, writing the story about the Wounded Warrior Hunts really brought back a lot of my hunting and fishing experiences from my childhood and later in life. Several of them are still as vivid today as the day they happened. Want to take a walk down memory lane with me? Cool! Let's go. There are… Continue reading Hunting And Fishing Memories

Standing Firm: Stay Alert

If, you have ever been near a lake, pond or a creek I am sure, at one time or another, you have seen a tree or two that look like the Tasmanian Devil got a hold of them. You know the ones where the bark is missing and if you get up close you will… Continue reading Standing Firm: Stay Alert

Wounded Warrior Hunts

What a pleasant surprise tonight. I still can not get the sight out of my head of watching the video presented. Let me share with you some of the events that happened. Tonight we had our annual Men's Wildgame Dinner at church. Just walking into the building set my mind racing as I was taken… Continue reading Wounded Warrior Hunts