The Climb To The Top Of The Mountain: Reblog

I am resharing this post. A song caught my attention over the weekend and reminded me of this! Enjoy😊 I am so freaking tired Lord. It seems no matter how hard I try it's one step forward and then I fall three steps backwards. I understand no one said following you would be easy, but… Continue reading The Climb To The Top Of The Mountain: Reblog

I Forgive You, But…| Day 1: Life Can Be So Unfair

Here is the devotional: Barbara came to church not long after my husband, the founding pastor, had unexpectedly died, and I had taken over his job as pastor.Barbara caught my eye because she seemed unhappy and downtrodden. Her shoulders were hunched over, she didn’t make eye contact, and looked as if she would cry spontaneously.… Continue reading I Forgive You, But…| Day 1: Life Can Be So Unfair

Sunday Music: Leanna Crawford | Truth I’m Standing On Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you scared of what may happen in the near future? I know I am! But one thing is for certain... We have the TRUTH! The truth that God's promises are true! The truth that He will never leave us nor forsake us! The truth that His love is from… Continue reading Sunday Music: Leanna Crawford | Truth I’m Standing On

Stu’s World LXXVIII

I miss Angie😥 I knew seeing her would make me miss her more. We were planning on another weekend together this coming weekend but the weather is going to hinder that. She had some abdominal issues this week that caused a lot of pain for her. And this coming week she has major Dr. appointments… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXVIII

Today Is A New Day

When you wake in the morning take that first breath to thank God for keeping you safe. Take the second breath and praise Him for the new day ahead. A day to renew yourself in Him! A day to share His love with others! A day to allow His peace to wash over you during… Continue reading Today Is A New Day