Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone

Why do people still believe Celebrate Recovery is just for addicts? Is it because they have seen the movie Home Run? Did they go to that bathroom or something during testimony night in the film, where the main character’s sister-in-law speaks of her sexual abuse as a child? Or could it be because everyone thinks… Continue reading Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone


Our Help Comes From The Lord

I will lift up mine eyes... How many times do we do exactly the opposite?  More often than not, when we are going through a struggle, we look down. Maybe it's to avoid eye contact. Maybe it's because of the shame or guilt we feel. But...we should lift our eyes from whence comes our help.… Continue reading Our Help Comes From The Lord

Words Of Kindness Go A Lot Further Than We Think

So many of us have a heavy heart. And that heaviness can come from so many sources. And yet, one simple word of kindness or encouragement can make that heaviness disappear...if even for just a moment. So please, folks, give words of encouragement. You never know what someone is dealing with and how heavy their… Continue reading Words Of Kindness Go A Lot Further Than We Think

When The Walls Of Stress Tear You Down

Do you remember the smell of that new house or apartment you moved into? Do you remember the sense of security you felt knowing the walls would not cave in around you? Do you remember putting things in the house that made you feel good even if it did not go with the decor of… Continue reading When The Walls Of Stress Tear You Down

The Depths

It does not matter how deep you feel you are in sin...God's love is deeper. No matter the depth of your despair...God's love is deeper. Call on His name.

Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?

Harlot, prostitute and whore, these are some of the older terms that have been used to describe people who practice certain sexual activities outside the bonds of marriage. I am sure that those terms could be used to describe certain spouses back in the day as well. Now-a-days we use the term slut or sexually… Continue reading Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?

My Path Out of Porn Addiction: A Therapist’s Journey

A small glimpse into an ex-addict who has turned not only his life around but others as well. Forest & I have similar backgrounds in the fact that we both started our “education in the field” at the age of 12 and we both want to help others find freedom. There are plenty of links within this post to some wonderful information. Go check it out!

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Forest's Path

When I recently wrote about my promotion to Clinical Director and the career journey that led me to this work I love to do, I omitted a significant piece of my history. We all have a back-story. It is ours to hold or to share. I would like to show you a snapshot of mine. I reserve the intimate details for the handful of trusted individuals in my “inner circle.” But I believe that what follows will enrich the lives of others, so I am honored to give this gift to those who can benefit.

The reality is that I have studied sexual addiction much longer than the 9 years of my graduate and post-graduate work. My education in the “field” of porn addiction began when I was 12 years old, when I was first introduced to pornography at a friend’s house. I was a prime candidate for addiction, burdened…

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