Alert and Warning!

Have you ever watched those old 70 & 80's movie that had that one red button so that when they pressed it it let off a siren sound and Warning! Warning!..? The same thing happens in our hearts a lot of times when certain things happen. But the one I would like to concentrate on… Continue reading Alert and Warning!

Sunday Music: Barren Cross | Just A Touch Dawn's post brought this song to my head and it stuck. I had to watch the video and then go back and read her post fully now that the song was out of my head. This song from Barren Cross like all of theirs is powerful! It is also a good representation of her… Continue reading Sunday Music: Barren Cross | Just A Touch

Speaking in Silence

Speaking in silence. Man the Lord hit me today with that statement. I had to stop and ask for forgiveness, for I have been guilty of just that. The vision of someone putting their finger to their mouth immediately came to mind..saying shhhh! We have all done this to our kids jokingly or seriously while… Continue reading Speaking in Silence

Am I Good Enough?

Fixing to real honest here. I hope you don't mind. I pray you don't laugh. I hope you realize that one of your best friends my have the "secret" fear I had. And some of my best friends are on this page as a support to me and they don't know this but it needs… Continue reading Am I Good Enough?

Broken Heart? Surrender The Broken Pieces To God!

God can heal a broken heart/life, we just have to be willing surrender the brokenness to Him and let Him work. Step by step. Minute by minute. Hurt by hurt. Emotion by emotion. Until it doesn't hurt taking a step forward or even backwards because at that moment your emotions/heart got hurt. God cares for… Continue reading Broken Heart? Surrender The Broken Pieces To God!