November | Grateful Heart Tag

Purple Rose has tagged me in the November | A Grateful Heart Tag! These are so cool. It's a shame they only come about once a month. I wonder if the mother/daughter tag team will do something similar in 2020? Thanks sis for tagging me. I appreciate it. Y'all need to go read her answers!… Continue reading November | Grateful Heart Tag

1 Grateful Person Tag

Here is another great and unique tag! This one has been created by Matt at Jesusluvsall as a means for us to share what we are grateful to Jesus for 😊 Dawn thank you so much for tagging me! I'm a honored to participate in this 😊 Here are the attributes of this tag: Share… Continue reading 1 Grateful Person Tag

G Is For Grateful

One of the easiest ways to show how grateful you are is with two words...thank you. Show your appreciation for that dinner...say thank you! Many times your spouse may not be in the mood for sex and yet they agree to please you...say thank you! Heck, even if you both want it...say thank you as… Continue reading G Is For Grateful

My Pneumonia Journey

Hey guys, this post will be a little long as I want to share with you what happened today. As many of you know I suffered through pneumonia from February to like May of this year with several doctor visits and oh so many pokes, prods, X-rays, CT scans and blood work. But through it… Continue reading My Pneumonia Journey