Tuesday’s Scripture: Philippians 4: 6

Tuesday’s Scripture: 1 Chronicles 29:11

Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Hope?

Here is the devotional: As we defined on Day 1, hope is our desire to see something happen or become true. She gave up hope.The team hoped they’d win the game.We hope that rain won’t ruin the party.It’s hard for us to survive without hope. Because of that, we often place our hope in objects,… Continue reading Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Hope?

Preach it Pastor

https://vimeo.com/showcase/6197022/video/714978771 I normally do not share sermons but what this Pastor has to say is important. Just wait tell you get to the spot where he talks about Stephen meeting Paul in heaven😮

Winning The War In Your Mind: Day 2

Here is the devotional: In Matthew 4 we read about Jesus, after His baptism, heading into the desert, where He fasts for forty days and nights. At that time Satan comes to Jesus to tempt Him.Because he knew Jesus had to be hungry, Satan told Him to turn stones into bread. Just as he did… Continue reading Winning The War In Your Mind: Day 2