Character Is Critical: Day 2

Here is the devotional: The development of your character shapes your Destiny. When God presents you with an opportunity that will enlarge your borders and expand your territory, it’s your responsibility to steward the opportunity well. God can present you with a God-given, life changing opportunity but it’s your responsibility to steward the opportunity well.… Continue reading Character Is Critical: Day 2

Freedom: Speaking The Good News

Here is the devotional: We are ending our devotion on freedom by discussing our ability to speak the Good News of Jesus to others with Truth and Grace. I love reading the following in Isaiah:The Spirit of the Lord God is upon meDo we live our lives as if the Spirit of the Lord God… Continue reading Freedom: Speaking The Good News

Sunday Music: Leanna Crawford | Truth I’m Standing On Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you scared of what may happen in the near future? I know I am! But one thing is for certain... We have the TRUTH! The truth that God's promises are true! The truth that He will never leave us nor forsake us! The truth that His love is from… Continue reading Sunday Music: Leanna Crawford | Truth I’m Standing On

The Armor Of God | Day 5

Here is Priscilla's devotional: We defined faith with this simple meaning: acting like God is telling the truth. Truth is the hinge upon which the entire issue of faith-filled living rests. If you don’t know the truth, you can never really know how to act in conjunction with it. So the truth of God’s character… Continue reading The Armor Of God | Day 5

The Armor Of God | Day 4

Here is Priscilla's devotional: Almost every little boy loves playing “Cowboys and Indians.” However, kids pretending to fight in the Wild West is quite different from real warfare with real weapons. Take, for example, the frontier practice of staging surprise assaults using flaming arrows. This tactical strategy caught the other side off guard. Flaming arrows… Continue reading The Armor Of God | Day 4