Sunday’s Worship Music: Crowder, Dante Bowe | God Really Loves Us

Jesus: He Gets Us | Jesus Loves Us

Here is the devotional: Jesus had the same amount of time as everyone else, yet he was never in a hurry. He took the time to notice people, even the ones others overlooked. You feel loved when you’re noticed. It feels good. Just study his life and you see him loving on the most unexpected… Continue reading Jesus: He Gets Us | Jesus Loves Us

Freedom: But The Greatest Of These Is Love

Here is the devotional: But The Greatest Of These Is LoveWe've all heard of teenage angst and have probably experienced it first hand with our children. But there are adults out there that struggle with some of the same emotional issues they had as teenagers. In fact, during the 20 - 50 age range, we… Continue reading Freedom: But The Greatest Of These Is Love

Movie Night: Redeeming Love

Here I sit weeping. I don't even know where to start. Let me first say I was warned about this movie. Many have said it is a Christian porn movie. That is so far from the truth! Yes, there is nudity within the film and yet they gracefully hide all body parts so all you… Continue reading Movie Night: Redeeming Love

Not Forsaken: Day 4

Here is the devotional: There is no shortage of DNA tests on the market that promise to tell us about our family history and genetic makeup. They reinforce a universal truth: like it or not, all our physical traits come to us from our parents. And, the older we get, the more we realize that… Continue reading Not Forsaken: Day 4