Stryper Friday: (Waiting For) A Love That’s Real Now Stryper never made an official video for this song. So this is just some video footage from Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With The Devil tour neatly edited with some footage from their Live In Japan concert. Totally cool! Real love IS out there folks! A person who will love you for… Continue reading Stryper Friday: (Waiting For) A Love That’s Real

Faith, Hope & Love: These Three Remain

Here is the devotional: The Apostle Paul gets right to the heart of the matter in 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter commonly referred to as the chapter on love. It’s likely that even those who aren’t followers of Jesus are familiar with this passage. After describing the word love in detail and even sharing about… Continue reading Faith, Hope & Love: These Three Remain

The Space Between Us: Space Between Us

Here is the devotional: Having the right amount of spacing when it comes to your relationships is vitally important. We’re meant to live in unity with our fellow brothers and sisters and meant to worship Jesus continually. This also means that the amount of spacing we have with our spouses matters. Do you think there’s… Continue reading The Space Between Us: Space Between Us

In The Likeness Of Men: Like Minded

Here is the devotional: What I love about this part of scripture is it gives us a sampling of what it is like being “of the same mind” of Christ toward others. Having affection and sympathy toward others in today’s culture seems almost impossible without “any participation in the Spirit.” With news and social media,… Continue reading In The Likeness Of Men: Like Minded

I Forgive You, But…| Day 1: Life Can Be So Unfair

Here is the devotional: Barbara came to church not long after my husband, the founding pastor, had unexpectedly died, and I had taken over his job as pastor.Barbara caught my eye because she seemed unhappy and downtrodden. Her shoulders were hunched over, she didn’t make eye contact, and looked as if she would cry spontaneously.… Continue reading I Forgive You, But…| Day 1: Life Can Be So Unfair