You Are Not Broken….You Are Beautiful

Man, I truly got my heart broken the other day. And it is not in any way you would probably think. Well....I don't know...maybe it is what you think but not how and why. It was a woman, yes. Here is the deal and IT IS A BIG DEAL. Guys if you are reading this… Continue reading You Are Not Broken….You Are Beautiful

The Church & Sex

I'm Baptist so by no means am I throwing the SBC under the bus as some have by sharing this post. Because more than likely in every church in every city there is a case of something sexual...just saying. But she brings home some very valid points, especially for parents with young daughter's. It is… Continue reading The Church & Sex

Why Can’t Things Go Right?

In my post The Potter’s Hand I said that I am still a work in progress. This is so true but for the past several weeks I have felt as if maybe…just…maybe He has left me on the wheel to just spin round and round. It seems as if literally I am going in circles.… Continue reading Why Can’t Things Go Right?